Where can I go to get the right commodity code?

1. Find your commodity code online

As it is the trader’s responsibility to identify the correct commodity code, we recommend using the below official links to self-assess which commodity code is right for your product:

2. Seek further help or support on your commodity code

If you are unable to self-assess your products and do not wish to take professional advice, you can request additional support by sending a request to the relevant official emails below:

3. Binding tariff information ruling (get legal certainty)

To get the correct tariff classification of your product you can request a Binding Tariff Information (BTI) ruling. It’s not a legal requirement to have a BTI ruling, but it has advantages. It's the only option which gives you legal certainty for three years about the correct tariff classification for your product to work out customs duties, export refunds, licensing requirements, quotas or other restrictions in advance. A BTI ruling is free, but you may have to pay the costs of laboratory analysis, expert advice and/or returning samples. For more information, use the links below:

Read our comprehensive guide to Commodity Codes article with lots more information, helpful videos and links to further support.