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Key Dates (2023-2025)

This article provides a timeline of some of the key dates of developments in trade between 2023 and 2025 which may be relevant to cross border traders in Ireland and Northern Ireland:

27 February 2023:

The UK and the EU announced the signing of the Windsor Framework. This Framework sets out changes to the existing Northern Ireland Protocol between the UK and the EU. These changes will be phased in between 2023 and 2025.

1 May 2023:

Launch of a second motor vehicle payment scheme to help support businesses in the second-hand car industry in Northern Ireland.

30th June 2023:

The UK government launched the Duty Reimbursement scheme. This scheme allows businesses to have paid EU duty on goods which were subsequently illustrated to stay in Northern Ireland, to reclaim the applicable customs duty.

01 October 2023:

The UK Internal Market Scheme launches and replaces the existing UK Trader Scheme. Note: Businesses who are eligible for this scheme must register, even if previously registered for the UK Trader Scheme.

01 October 2023:

The Retail Movement Scheme for prepackaged retail goods of Plant and Animal Origin is launched. This will also include the phased introduction of new labelling requirements on certain products imported into Northern Ireland from Great Britain.

01 January 2024:

Expansion of the customs duty waiver scheme with the limit for Northern Ireland businesses increasing from €200,000 to €275,000 over a three-year period.

31 January 2024:

Beginning of the phased introduction of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM). This will be particularly impactful for businesses in Ireland who are exporting medium risk plant and animal-based products to GB.

30 September 2024:

Full introduction of the new red/ green lanes. From these dates, businesses importing via the green lane will no longer be required to complete supplementary declarations for goods movements into Northern Ireland.

30 September 2024:

Introduction of new requirements on parcel movements from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

01 October 2024:

Introduction of phase 2 labelling requirements when using the Retail Movement Scheme. This includes a requirement for individual labelling on all milk and dairy products being imported into Northern Ireland.

01 October 2024:

Introduction of all remaining requirements set out in the Border Target Operating Model. This will include both customs and Sanitary and Phytosanitary requirements on goods which are imported into Great Britain.

01 January 2025:

New rules covering the import of medicines into Northern Ireland will be introduced.

01 July 2025:

Introduction of all remaining labelling requirements on goods imported into Northern Ireland through the Retail Movement Scheme. This is sometimes referred to as Phase 3 requirements.